Lost & Found at Pol'and'Rock Festival 2022

2022-07-28 15:48:19

Being sentimental about your lost perfect-pink wallet or a T-shirt with a logo of your favourite band? Do not you worry about a thing. The chances are, you will get them back in one piece! Our Lost and Found Hub stations at the Festival field and welcomes all the adrift items. We register and precisely describe each item brought to our Tent in order to facilitate the process of returning the valuables. In case you wish to report any lost or found object, please be as specific as you can in describing the item. “I've found a black smartphone” is not enough! 


The Lost & Found Hub is located in the Shopping Alley and stays open on:

  • Wednesday between 14:00 – 20:00
  • Thursday/Friday/Saturday from 9:00 – till the end of the Main Stage concerts (lunch break: 14:00-15:00)
  • Sunday between 7:00 – 12:00


If you happen to find any valuables around your campsite or on your way to the concert, come by to the Lost & Found Hub personally or catch some Peace Patrol stewards to ask for their assistance. Help us complete the “Found” part of our mission! :) 


Lost & Found at 25th Pol'and'Rock Festival, photo: Marlena Kuczko

Please, do not bring any valuable things to the Festival site. If you are going to join the crowds at the concerts, pack the essentials in your purse/bag (our waist bag will do!) and keep them close. 


If you do not manage to collect your item from the Lost & Found Hub before the festival ends, do not stress out! We will transfer all the items to the Startostwo Powiatowe (administrative unit) in Drawsko Pomorskie. 


More questions? Ask our Peace Patrol stewards for help. Also, you can find the details in the Lost & Found Hub Rules and Regulations


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