Kwiat Jabłoni at Pol'and'Rock

2022-05-09 21:20:00


The brother-sister duo officially established the band called Kwiat Jabłoni (Apple Blossom) in 2018. They are hailed as a new, exciting and charismatic face of Polish pop-folk music. Their music combines lively, rhythmic elements of folk with electro music and even harder, rock-inspired sounds. Intriguing lyrics are paired with a fresh take on indie pop to ensure that you want to listen to their music on the loop. So it comes as no surprise that the video for one of their best-loved singles, "Dziś późno pójdę spać", has reached 36 million views on YouTube. 



Band's breakthrough came in 2019 when the artists applied to participate in Emerging Band's completion. Their lyrical record drew jurors' attention, and the band's performance on the live stage of the competition ensured that the band performed at a night-time slot at the Second Stage of the Pol'and'Rock Festival. A couple of thousand people gathered to see their show that night. The fans loved their performance so much; they could not wait to see them play at the festival again and cast over 10 thousand votes to support the band in the Golden Spinning Top competition in 2020. The group reprised a magical performance at the studio edition of the Festival. 

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