Kirszenbaum at Pol'and'Rock Festival

2022-05-16 21:30:00


The Polish post-rock band Kirszenbaum joins the 28. Pol'and'Rock Festival Second Stage line-up. They combine guitars, post-rock violin and live-created loops with electronic music, creating a very specific modern interpretation of Slavic and Anglo-Saxon folk pieces.



Kirszenbaum is a duet of Kacper Szpyrka (philosopher, bookseller and violinist) and Jakub Wiśniewski (English language specialist, musician and text writer). With their previous band Pora Wiatru they played over 150 concerts (some of them were held in trams as crowdfunding performances), took part in Must Be the Music TV show and played the German Taubertal Festival.


Their debut album named "Stypa komedianta" came out in 2019, followed by their second album "Się" in January 2021.  Kriszenbaum played over 100 concerts, touring Poland, the Czech Republic, Germany and Slovakia.

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