Kashell at Pol'and'Rock Festival

2022-05-23 21:35:00


Polish band Kashell joins the 28. Pol'and'Rock Festival Second Stage line-up. It's the joint project of Polish rapper, AbradAb and Polish music legends - Coma musicians. 


Marcin "Abradab" Marten is a Polish rapper and music producer. Marten is a founding member of Polish hip-hop group Kaliber 44 and, since 2002, a solo artist. 


Coma was a Polish rock band founded in 1998. It has been disbanded in 2019. It is one of the most successful rock bands on the Polish music scene.


Band members:

  • Marcin (AbradAb) Marten
  • Dominik (Witos) Witczak
  • Marcin (Kobez) Kobza
  • Rafał (Matusz) Matuszak
  • Adam (Von Marszal) Marszałkowski
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