Kamila Kielar and Piotr Strzeżysz will be mBank’s special guests at the AFA

2022-07-11 21:25:00

mBank, as the patron of the AFA meetings – invited to the Academy of the Finest of Arts as special guests people full of courage and passion.



Kamila Kielar and Piotr Strzeżysz - they travel solo, but they never feel lonely. He moves across the globe on a bike, and she, almost literally, dances with the bears! They are both winners of the Kolosy awards – the most prestigious awards for travellers in Poland. 


Kamila Kielar and Piotr Strzeżysz - mBank special guests at the AFA


Kamila Kielar – a journalist, podcast host, traveller, and speaker. She spent a few months a year away on adventurous trips and reporting projects, usually somewhere in the North. She specialises in the northern flora and fauna, esp. the bears! She is the author of a popular journalistic podcast "Drzazgi Świata" [Eng. "World’s Splinters"], where she, together with her guests, chops the world into pieces, tiny little splinters, talking about anything that is pinching her.


She was kayaking across the waters of the Pacific Ocean, hunting for the spirit bears, the rarest types of bears in the world, on her own. In the winter, she was riding a bike and cross-country skiing through the Canadian Yukon and wandered nearly 5000 km through the mountains from Mexico to Canada following the Pacific Crest Trail. Another ”me, myself and I” adventure of hers was riding a bike through Alaska and the Kamchatka Peninsula. She covered great distances through Lapland and Scotland on foot, also in the winter. She lived and worked with Canadian and Alaskan trappers, biologists and rangers.


In recognition of her projects, she received the Kolosy Award and the National Geographic Traveler Award in the category of travel of the year. Today she is a member of the Kolosy Council and Festiwal Wrażliwy [Eng. Sensitive Festival] jury.


Piotr Strzeżysz – he'd learnt to ride a bike before he knew how to walk. He visited hundreds of places on a map, but that invisible force keeps pushing him toward new destinations. Usually, he tends to go to places filled in with open space, because they allow him to immerse in daydreaming much easier, he claims. Piotr loves coffee, cats, wind and the Moomins. An author of 5 books about dreams. A winner of the Kolosy Awards, a few literary awards and photography contests. He is the main character of the Bartosz Lisek’s movie "Nie dojechać nigdy" [Eng. "To arrive never"]. If he was to choose his creation – he would be a bird.


The two incredible travellers will share their amazing stories and extreme adventures during a meeting "Life is a journey. How to be richer with the experiences" hosted by Tomasz Gorazdowski, Radio 357 journalist, which will be held on August 5, 2022, at 10:00.



The patron of the Academy of the Finest of Arts is mBank. The AFA meetings are hosted by the journalists. Among the guests of the Academy of the Finest of Arts announced so far are Jakub Żulczyk, Polish novelist and screen writer, an expert on Iran Jagoda Grondecka, a Polish actor Marcin DorocińskiKrzysiek Sokołowski from the band Nocny Kochanek, and the creators of the film "Johnny" - a remembrance of Fr. Jan Kaczkowski (i.e. Dawid Ogrodnik, Maciej Kraszewski and Patryk Galewski). 


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