"Johnny" – in remembrance of Fr. Jan Kaczkowski at Pol’and’Rock Festival

2022-06-07 11:00:00

A Catholic priest, Jan Kaczkowski, was one of those figures who unquestionably proved that the mission of the Academy of the Finest of Arts at the Pol’and’Rock Festival is a safe space for truly important discussions that may happen beyond any divisions. The film "Johnny", telling the story about Father Kaczkowski, will be released this autumn. One of its plots involves the visit of the charismatic priest to the Most Beautiful Festival in the World in 2015. The participants of this year’s festival edition will have a chance to meet the film crew: actor Dawid Ogrdonik, script wrtier Maciej Kraszewski, and Patryk Galewski, the mentee of Fr. Kaczkowski whose narrative served as a base for the movie script.


Dawid Ogrodnik as Fr. Jan Kaczkowski, photo: H. Komerski


“Johnny” is a filmbased on true events, a story told from the perspective of a mentee of Jan Kaczkowski, Patryk Galewski – a boy who did not have it easy in life. It is a moving illustration of love for the world and for another human being which shows that everyone deserves a second chance.


"Johnny" - Piotr Trojan, Dawid Ogrodnik, photo: H. Komerski


The role of Father Jan Kaczkowski, a priest respected by both believers and atheists, is played by Dawid Ogrodnik, while Patryk is played by Piotr Trojan, who received numerous awards for his performance in "25 years of innocence. The case of Tomek Komenda". On screen, we will also see Magdalena Czerwińska, Anna Dymna, Maria Pakulnis, Marta Stalmierska, Witold Dębicki, Michał Kaleta and Joachim Lamza. The script was written by Maciej Kraszewski, and the film director is Daniel Jaroszek, who has so far worked in the advertising industry - "Johnny" will be his feature film debut.


- It is not a story about building a hospice, nor it is a story of fighting the deadly illness. “Johnny” is an emotional rollercoaster that interchangeably makes you laugh and cry, scares you and tears you apart. The movie takes us on a journey from the darkest moments, through the fight with oneself and the outer world, up to finding the sense and hope. Emotions will be heated for long after the movie ends - says Daniel Jaroszek, the film director.


The film was created in cooperation with Fr. Kaczkowski’s family and the Father Jan Kaczkowski Foundation. Production and distribution: NEXT FILM. The release is planned for September this year.


Pol'and'Rock Festival 2015: Fr. Jan Kaczkowski and the host of the AFA meeting Błażej Strzelczyk, photo: Basia Lutzner


Jurek Owsiak engaged in the project to play himself in the scene when Fr. Jan Kaczkowski comes to the Pol’and’Rock Festival in 2015. During the Academy of the Finest of Arts’ meeting the priest shared his life experience on living in sickness, decency, being “onco-celebrity”, and on the politics crawling into the Catholic church. The burst of applause from the participants of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World that welcomed him on stage mirrored the impatient wait towards this meeting.


Jurek Owsiak and the film crew, photo: Dawid Żuchowicz


The meeting with the  actor Dawid Ogrdonik, script wrtier Maciej Kraszewski, and Patryk Galewski, the mentee of Fr. Kaczkowski whose narrative served as a base for the movie script, is planned for August 6, 2022 at 11:30 am.


The patron of the Academy of Finest of Arts at the Pol'and'Rock Festival is mBank. The AFA meetings are hosted by the journalists.


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