Janiana Bąk and Piotr Jacoń on the situation of the LGBTQ+ community

2022-07-11 20:20:00


The right to be oneself – on identity, love and the need for support for the LGBTQ+ community – will be the main theme of the meeting with Janina Bąk and Piotr Jacoń at this year’s Academy of the Finest of Arts.


Janina Bąk and Piotr Jacoń are pro LGBTQ+ activists. They are going to discuss with the AFA audience Poland’s worst pupil position in the EU class in the context of the equality of LGBTQ+ persons and respecting human rights.


Janina Bąk and Piotr Jacoń will be the AFA guests at 28th Pol'and'Rock Festival


Janina Bąk – a sheriff of the comedy at for the past seven years. The author of the bestseller ”Statystycznie rzecz biorąc. Czyli ile trzeba zjeść czekolady, żeby zdobyć Nobla” [Eng. “Statistically speaking or the amount of chocolate you must eat to get a Nobel Prize”], a book sold 120 000 copies. She explains that you can and should make friends with statistics, despite the fact that there are some kinds of statistics with which you do not feel like making friends: e.g. those on mental health, the condition of children’s mental health care and the violence against the LGBTQ+ community. In 2021 she was awarded by the Campaign Against Homophobia with the Korona Równości [Eng. The Crown of Equality Award] for her engagement in the LGBTQ+ community, and a year later, in 2022, she was given the “Twórca dobrych relacji” award [“The Creator of Good Relations” award] from the city of Wrocław, as well as the Influencer of the Year award from the weekly magazine “Wprost”.


Piotr Jacoń – TVN24 journalist, the author of the book  “My trans” [Eng. “We, the trans”] and i.a. reportage books “Wszystko o moim dziecku” [ Eng. “Everyhting about my child”] on parents of the transgender kids in Poland, and “Wszystko o moim życiu” [Eng. “Everything about my life”], is the collection of life stories of transgender and non-binary persons. He is the winner of the Andrzej Woyciechowski Contest organised by Radio Zet, and nominated for the Grand Press Award in the TV report category.  He runs his own series “Bez polityki” [Eng. “No politics”] in TVN24 GO. He worked for Radio Plus, Radio Gdańsk, and Dziennik Bałtycki. He is a father of a transgender Wiktoria and promotor of education on gender identity and LGBTQ+ persons’ rights. 


The meeting with Janina Bąk and Piotr Jacoń will be held on August 6, 2022, at 10:00.



The patron of the Academy of the Finest of Arts is mBank. The AFA meetings are hosted by the journalists. Among the guests of the Academy of the Finest of Arts announced so far are Jakub Żulczyk, Polish novelist and screen writer, an expert on Iran Jagoda Grondecka, a Polish actor Marcin DorocińskiKrzysiek Sokołowski from the band Nocny Kochanek, and the creators of the film "Johnny" - a remembrance of Fr. Jan Kaczkowski (i.e. Dawid Ogrodnik, Maciej Kraszewski and Patryk Galewski). 


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