Jakub Żulczyk will be our next AFA guest

2022-07-04 16:52:16

A well-known book- and screenwriter joins the guests of the Academy of the Finest of Arts  

The author of the best-selling novel "Ślepnąc od świateł" [Eng."Blinded by the Lights"] (released in Great Britain too) with 300,000 copies sold in Poland, and the co-writer of the script for the HBO series based on the book, which turned out to be the greatest success of the Polish television of the past years. 


photo: Zuza J. Żulczyk


Jakub Żulczyk had his debut in 2005 with the release of a book "Zrób mi jakąś krzywdę" [Eng. "Do me any harm"]. He is the framer, co-author and co-screenwriter of the top Polish series "Belfer" (Canal+).


In 2017 he was awarded with the Literary Award of the Capital City of Warsaw and Literary Award of Warmia and Mazury "Wawrzyn" for the book "Wzgórze psów" [Eng. "The dogs' hill"].


He cooperated with TR Warszawa theatre and Wrocław Contemporary Theatre as an author. 


A novel "Czarne słońce" [Eng."The black sun"] released in 2019 raised vast controversies among the critics and readers, which sort of confirmed Żulczyk's status as a nonconforming writer, experimenting with various means of expression.


His latest book entitled "Informacja Zwrotna" [Eng. "Feedback"] was issued in Poland in 2021. It is one of a kind, fascinating detective novel, a story about an alcoholic, Marcin Kania. It is an odyssey through the city, where each place has its dirty secret, pushes the hero into the darkest spheres of the human psyche, leads him to trace down the biggest reprivatisation affair in Polish history, and confronts him with the wrongs he did to his family. 


The AFA meeting with Jakub Żulczyk is planned for Thursday, August 4, 2022, at 10:00


The patron of the Academy of the Finest of Arts is mBank. The AFA meetings are hosted by the journalists. Among the guests of the Academy of the Finest of Arts announced so far are an expert on Iran Jagoda Grondecka, a Polish actor Marcin DorocińskiKrzysiek Sokołowski from the band Nocny Kochanek, and the creators of the film "Johnny" - a remembrance of Fr. Jan Kaczkowski (i.e. Dawid Ogrodnik, Maciej Kraszewski and Patryk Galewski). 


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