Jahcoustix at Pol'and'Rock Festival

2021-07-07 16:15:24


Jahcoustix is a citizen of the world, having grown up in Mexico, Liberia, New York, Egypt, Kanya, and Germany. The experiences of growing up in a vibrant, diverse environment shaped Jahcoustix into the musician he became today. He began creating music at the age of 16 and went on to release 8 albums and play countless shows across 40 countries internationally. Jahcoustix recorded alongside the biggest reggae and dancehall stars.  He will play at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World accompanied by the band Evolution, best-known for touring with Gentleman


Jahcoustix drew the majority of his inspiration from his time spent in Nairobi. He became interested in Rastafarianism and grew more and more interested in reggae music. In his music promotes the ideas which perfectly suit the message of our festival - Jahcoustix encourages the audience to be more tolerant, more open and accepting of others. 


Jahcoustix. fot. materiały prasowe

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