Ja Mmm Chyba Ściebie at Pol'and'Rock Online

2020-06-23 16:39:23


The band was created by members of one of the best-known stand-up group called Łowcy.B. The comedic group is known for its sharp, politically incorrect humour and creative approach to making the audience laugh. The band follows the idea of the comedic group - their concerts and music and funny, full of energy and, at the same time, full of pointed sarcasm which highlights the shortcomings of our society. 

The group performed at the Most Beautiful Festival twice - once, at the Second Stage of the festival, and once, at a personal invitation from the festival promoter and creative director, Jurek Owsiak, at the Main Stage of the event. This year the irreverent musicians slash comedians will play at the festival studio in Warsaw and their gig will be streamed live on Facebook and YouTube. 


Ja MM Chyba Ściebie. fot. Darek Dylski

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