Hańba! at Pol'and'Rock Festival 2021

2021-06-15 15:21:04


Hańba! are a highly conceptual band. They base their music style, appearance and message on the ambience of mid-war Poland. The group uses poems by well-known and lesser-known poets to create lyrics, but they also develop original songs. Hańba! reimagines the history of music - blending punk rock with traditional sounds of folk music and klezmer music, which is closely associated with the music scene of mid-war Poland. The foursome is inspired by a brief window of the history of Poland - shortly after the country regained its independence, and cultural and ethnic variety saw a boom in the arts, culture, and trade. The revolutionary mood went hand in hand with growing instances of violent nationalism. Even though the band's music and style are steeped in the feel, sound, and look of the Polish day-to-day lives in the 1920s and 1930s, it seems that the problems and issues Hańba! tirelessly highlights are painfully current and can be applied to the social mood of today. 

The band relies on the lyrics of well-known and well-loved poets. Instruments featured in Hańba's! music is closely associated with popular street bands of the time - banjo, drum, accordion, tuba, and clarinet transport the listener to the time long gone by. It comes as no surprise that rhythmic and energetic punk rock fits the feel and mood of music played by the band perfectly, making it timeless and utterly modern. The group is committed to the universe it has created in its music, which - even though so closely bound with the history of Poland seems to have an international appeal. The group played at  MONA FOMA, Primavera Festival, WOMAD, Sound by Southwest, Colours of Ostrava, and Pohoda Festival. Their show at Pol'and'Rock Festival 2021 will be their first meeting with our audience. 


Hańba! fot. materiały prasowe zespołu

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