Half French - half English, but always 100% Rock’n’Roll

2022-05-23 21:20:00


Laura Cox is confirmed to perform at the upcoming Pol'and'Rock Festival! 


Half French - half English, but always 100% Rock’n’Roll, Laura has been listening to rock music since she was born. From childhood, she always wanted a guitar, but a real one, not a toy!


So her understanding family offered her that first guitar, while she was still at school, and she’s played the guitar just about every day since, often from early morning to very late.



Laura started taking guitar lessons at the age of 14 and, with all the hours of dedicated practice, progress was fast. When she thought her playing was good enough, she wanted other people’s opinions and reactions, so she started posting covers of Rock and Blues standards on YouTube.

Well, the opinions and reactions flooded in, Laura now has 380 000 subscribers and 90 million views. In the meantime, she met Mathieu Albiac and, together, they formed the band. Their first album, Hard Blues Shot (2017), firmly established Laura as THE most prominent French Rock singer-guitarist. The album sold 10 000 copies, in France alone, in a few months of 2017.


Two years later, after hundreds of concerts all over Europe, in increasingly bigger venues and festivals, Laura Cox returns with her second album “Burning Bright”. Recorded at the legendary ICP studios, backed up by her great band and mastered by the renowned Howie Weinberg (Aerosmith, Oasis, The White Stripes), Burning Bright offers 10 Rock bombs, tinted, depending on the songs, Blues, Classic Rock or even Hard Rock.

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