GOCC volunteers from all over the world at Pol'and'Rock Festival

2022-08-06 00:08:12


The International Collection Centres Camp was established on the Festival field. More than 70 people involved with international Collection Centres met at Pol'and'Rock Festival. 


Pol'and'Rock Festival is organised to thank you for the generosity you all showed during the winter Grand Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. And it is worth emphasising that the January fundraiser has long since gone beyond Poland's borders. People all over the world are setting up Collection Centres and organising the Grand Finale. There are already so many of them that they have decided to set up the International Collection Centres Camp.  


The idea for the Camp came about four years ago, right after the first foreign volunteer meet up in Belgium. There we said to ourselves, 'Gee, maybe it would be nice to do something at Pol'and'Rock [Festival]. To get us all together and meet in one place. To show that we are here, that we're organising the Finales of the GOCC abroad. So that's how it went. 
Kamil Arszagi vel Harszagi (head of the Camp) – Brussels Collection Centre, Belgium


Kamil Arszagi vel Harszagi. Photo: Nikola Naus


This year you can meet more than 70 people from more than 16 headquarters in the Camp. There are people from headquarters in Belgium, Croatia, Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, the UK, or China. It is a group of many cheerful and diverse people. There are both festival old-timers and those for whom this is their first time with the Festival. 


I always wanted to come [to Pol’and’Rock Festival, ed.], every year, I just didn't have the opportunity. Now it just so happened that I met some very cool people from the Collection Centre – at our place in Germany – they offered me to come, and I agreed right away.
Damian - Munster Collection Centre, Germany


They came to Pol'and'Rock Festival because they are united by their will to act and their incredible energy, which can be seen at first glance. When we visited the Camp, it turned out that it's hard to meet them all at once. They are everywhere – at concerts, at the Academy of the Finest of Arts, or at meetings with friends from Poland they haven't seen for a long time. 

In addition to being scattered all over the globe, they also share common challenges. And it's not just about organising the January fundraiser, but also, for example, how to explain to foreigners what a Grand Finale is, or what the summer Festival is, and what it's all about.  


They also have something similar at home in Catalonia, so we can compare the events [...]. With them [in Spain] the whole region, and with us [in Poland] the whole country helps. [...] even when you tell them, and then they get a leaflet [about the Grand Finale] and they see the scale in Poland, they see what the scope is in the world, they see that Pol'and'Rock is such a powerful festival - some people are shocked.
Marzena - Girona Collection Centre, Spain


Some of the members of The International Collection Centres Camp. Photo Nikola Naus


Check out our heroes. When you meet them in the field - high-five them! Let them feel our collective gratitude for the amazing work they do in carrying the word of the Foundation's work around the world. 


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