Flower Power at Pol'and'Rock Online

2020-07-14 16:16:06


Ania Rusowicz brought about a neo-hippie yearning and showed that big beat tunes hailing from the 1970s are still alive and well. The audience laps up her hippie style and tasteful take on the era of the flower children. She flawlessly combines old-timey, funky and psychedelic blues influences with a fresh, modern take on music. 

Ania Rusowicz jas music in her genes and her first venture into music was a tribute to her late mother, legendary big-beat vocalist. Her debut album, released in 2011 contained covers of Ada Rusowicz's classic hits and new, original material. Genesis, which had a harder, more psychedelic sound followed suit in 2013. Her impressive, deep voice pairs perfectly with hippie-inspired music. Rusowicz is full of power and full of sensibility at the same time, highly stylized to follow the fashions of the hippy generation with raw honesty and genuine feeling. 



Ania Rusowicz performed at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World with a beautiful take on music from the era which inspired the festival. She and her guests took on the challenge of reimagining anthems from The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and The Who. Flower Power project was a festival in its own right, full of colour and celebrating the ideals of the festival in its entirety. 



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