Five Most Touching Moments from Pol'and'Rock 2021

2021-08-13 14:46:21


Fans of our festival often claim that just a few days they get to spend at Pol'and'Rock are enough to charge their mental and emotional batteries and lend them the strength they might need to face their daily challenges. So even though the festival lifestyle is all about seizing the moment and living in the now, let's look back at the five most touching moments of Pol'and'Rock Festival 2021. Selecting the top five moments was a difficult task, but let's cast our memories back to when we were all together at Makowice-Płoty airfield... 

1. Absolute top of the tops - when the festival gates opened, we could truly feel the festival beginning in earnest. As you found your way to the new site of the festival and re-acquainted yourself with what it's like to be at the festival, we invited you to participate in the opening ceremony. It was good to be back in front of the stage and in anticipation of music and fun! 



2. Work of art and work of true community spirit. One of the elements of our festival is a massive Polish flag we like to unfold in front of the Main Stage as we talk about what is important for us and what we see as the cornerstones of our community - tolerance, friendship, responsibility and the feeling of belonging. We want to show that everyone has a place under this massive Polish flag, and everyone should feel safe and welcome in our massive family. We want to build a community and society that is welcoming, open, tolerant and safe for all who want to join us! 



3. A lesson of tolerance and inclusivity. The Academy of the Finest of Arts hosted a meeting with the cast of the Down the Road show. Together with the show's host, Przemek Kossakowski, the group spoke openly and frankly about the challenges they are faced with. So touching, funny, honest and totally engaging was the meeting with young people with Down's syndrome that served a valuable lesson on tolerance and the importance of inclusivity in our society. Only with minds open and welcoming for "the otherness" can we create a vibrant, modern country. 



4. Our festival pledge. A tradition we created in 2019 when we decided to honour the 25th edition of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World by uttering words that became our pledge - we speak of respect for the earth, love for community, and our commitment to the values our festival strives to nourish: we want to remain loyal to the ideals of love, friendship, and music.


Przysięga festiwalowicza na 27. Pol'and'Rock, fot. Marcin Zieliński


5. Farewell and see you next year! The ending of the festival is always a bittersweet moment. We enjoyed 33 concerts, participated in 9 inspiring meetings, and learned at 444 workshops led by NGOs and activists. We spent three days surrounded by a community governed by tolerance, music, love - a community built by a group of fast friends and strangers who became friends overnight. Finally, we part ways full of positive energy and memories of great times. We shall see you again next year! 

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