Festival Hat Trick with Łydka Grubasa

2020-06-19 13:48:44


The band from Olsztyn performed at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World three times, earning the coveted Golden Spinning Top Award for their concert in 2018. This year the irreverent musicians are going to be taking the stage in the online studio in Warsaw, and their show will be broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube. 

Łydka Grubasa describes their sound as "culinary-factual rock". What it means, is that in its essence their music is pure creative fun, which blends alternative rock with soft sway of reggae and with harder elements of groove metal and metal. The band, which was established as being an inside joke between the musicians, but the instant success of the group took the audience by storm. Łydka Grubasa released their first album in 2010 and went on to record four studio albums and one live recording of their gig at Pol'and'Rock 2019. 

Łydka Grubasa is best known for their no-holds-barred, satirical and biting lyrics. They comment on important social and political issues such as sexuality, politics, relationships, and tolerance. They shine a light on important matters, but somehow manage to keep the fun of the show and exciting for the audience. They are fan favourites, and they have bagged one fo the most coveted awards - Golden Spinning Top for their gig at the Second Stage of Pol'and'Rock 2018. 


Łydka Grubasa with Jurek Owsiak. photo Stanisław Wadas




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