Festival Entry Passes - Practical Information

2021-05-18 15:26:04


Pol'and'Rock Festival 2021 will be much smaller, more mellow, but we hope it will turn out to be just as beautiful as ever. We are working hard to ensure that the event is safe, and all guests of the festival, artists, speakers, and staff can enjoy their time at the festival. Pandemic restrictions and precautions required us to relocate the festival to Makowice Airfield and forced us to introduce a festival entry pass to cover the costs of coronavirus tests and other safety measures relating to pandemic safety. 

In order to cover the costs of all COVID-19 precautions which will be put into place for the upcoming edition of the Festival. All festival-goers will have to be tested for coronavirus upon entry to the festival grounds. The cost of tests, additional personal protective equipment such as disinfectant liquids and face masks. The price of the festival entry pass is PLN 49, regardless of how long you plan to stay at the festival. We encourage you to - once you enter the festival site - not to leave the airfield because everyone entering the site would have to undergo coronavirus testing. 

One person can buy up to four festival entry passes, bearing in mind that you will have to provide pertinent details of ticket bearers. We need your data such as your personal social security number and contact details for your emergency contact to be able to establish a framework for providing the best possible solutions for medical care and pandemics response on site. 

You will be able to select the duration of your stay starting with Tuesday, 27.07.2021 and finishing on 31.07.2021. It's worth repeating that you pay PLN 49 for the COVID-19 test, so the price does not depend on the duration of your stay at Pol'and'Rock Fesof When buying tickets please consider your actual plans on arriving and departing the festival. Managing the testing process and other safety measures is a massive undertaking, so if you could make our work less challenging - please do! 

For those of you travelling by car, or arriving in camper vans we will provide free parking and camping passes which you should select and download online. When travelling in a group, make sure to book parking spots and camper van spots accordingly. Parking and camping space is limited, so we need to gather precise data to provide you with adequate parking space. 


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