Farben Lehre at Pol'and'Rock Online

2020-07-14 10:51:16


The precursors of Polish punk music, Farben Lehre have been active since 1986. Established at the initiative of Wojciech Wojda and Marek Knap in Płock the band went on to record their debut album on 1991, after years of playing gigs everywhere, from small venues to the budding festivals in Poland.

The band is best known for their energetic brand of punk music, which seamlessly blends the rebellious and brutal onslaught of punk music with more vibrant and light rhythms of ska and alternative rock. Farben Lehre released thirteen studio albums and toured alongside bands like GHB, Die Toten Hosen, or The Exploited. 


Farben Lehre



Farben Lehre is one of the staples on the line-up of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World, with one of their most notable concert being an extensive retrospective of the history of punk rock music. During their 2013 gig, the band tackled some of the biggest punk rock anthems, music which has shaped the genre in Poland, putting their unique spin on the songs. The group has also played a tremendous double set in 2018, challenging themselves with both - acoustic and traditional concerts. 


This year the seasoned punk rockers will be featured at the online edition of the festival. Their gig at the Most Beautiful House Party in the World will be streamed live on Facebook and YouTube. 



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