Ewa Zgrabczyńska at AFA Online

2020-07-17 14:48:05


Ewa Zgrabczyńska is an acclaimed zoologist and since 2015 director of one of the best and most respected Zoos in Poland. Poznań Zoo is known for its conservation initiatives, carrying out educational initiatives. 



Zgrabczyńska is vocal about animal rights, and protection of wild animals in particular. She has been lobbying for change in the legislation regarding the security of wild animals in Europe. She has garnered international interest with her involvement in an impressive rescue operation of emaciated tigers, which were illegally smuggled to Poland. The plight of the animals, which were transported in inhumane conditions showcased the importance of regulating animal welfare across Europe. Zgrabczyńska made a point of ensuring that the smugglers were punished, while at the same time ensuring that the animals are safe and comfortable and ready to undergo a process of rehabilitation. 

Zgrabczyńska takes on the role of spokesperson for wild animals and is vocal about shortcomings of the Polish legal system.  Zgrabczyńska does not shy from controversy, putting animal welfare first.

She will offer a unique perspective on conservatorship, environment and the role of Zoos in the protection of endangered species.  


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