Eney to Play at Pol'and'Rock 2020 Online

2020-06-26 13:08:11


The band is named after the main protagonist of the first text written in the Ukrainian language, an adventurous Cossack traveller, whose adventures mimic the adventures of the Iliad. Even though the band was established in the Polish city of Olsztyn, the musicians share a fascination with their Ukrainian roots, and they look to their folklore for inspiration. The music they create is a blend of rhythmic pop, with some rock influences with a strong influence of Ukrainian folk. Eney's songs feature energetic brass section and groovy accordion. 

Their records have gone gold, and Eney's songs were featured in both Polish and Ukrainian charts. Eney proves that good, positive tunes know no borders or language barriers. 



The group performed at the Most Beautiful Festival in the world as winners of the Emerging Bands competition. The audience of the festival has quickly fallen in love with their energy and enjoyed the band's performance so much, that the band was voted as the best show of the festival. Eney won the Golden Spinning Top award and played at the Main Stage of the Festival in 2011. They made a triumphant return to the festival five years later, playing at the Second Stage. This year the band will showcase their folk-rock inspired music at the festival studio in Warsaw and their show will be broadcast live on the Internet. 



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