Elektryczne Gitary at Pol'and'Rock Online

2020-07-10 16:14:05


The band, which plays classic rock and roll is best known for their humorous, sarcastic lyrics and irreverent approach to performing. A person who does know their words would be tough to come by. 



The band was established in 1989 and became a barometer of social and political changes in Poland. Their melodic, catchy songs brought a new quality to Polish music, building a bridge between rock-n-roll, pop and very popular in Poland "bard" music revival.



The artists attempted to make sense of the ever-changing, fluid nature of the social landscape in the country. The band's cheeky, sometimes cheesy songs were played by the majority of radio stations in the country. Elektyrczne Gitary released ten albums, with four of them turning platinum, while their debut release from 1992 is certified double platinum album. Testifying to the timeless popularity of the band is the fact that they have recorded the soundtrack to hit comedies, a real cult cinema "Kiler" and "Kilerów 2".  


Elektryczne Gitary. fot. materiały prasowe

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