EcoFestival - Roundup of our EcoActivities

2019-08-12 12:31:02


We work hard to make the festival a more environmentally friendly event. We have introduced new eco-friendly solutions to ensure that we leave as little trace as possible. We are delighted that you had joined our EcoInitiative and did your best to recycle and worked hard to clean your camping site before you left. 


Chilling on the grass. Photo Lucyna Lewandowska


First of all, we made sure to provide festival-goers with several dozen rubbish bags, helping them to keep their camping spaces clean and tidy. There were 157 designated rubbish drop areas located across the festival site. 

Encouraging festival-goers to take care of their surrounding area was not the only EcoInitiative we introduced this year. 

For the first time, we banned single-use plastic carrier bags at our shopping alley, and food vendors quit plastic cutlery and food packaging, introducing biodegradable containers instead.

Our festival partners introduced eco-solutions and educational campaigns as well: Lech beer was available in cups made out of recycled materials, while premium brands were available in reusable cups. What is more, Lech Beer villages held different workshops and EcoConstests. Allegro, apart from an educational labyrinth, provided festival-goers with water-fountains, where everyone could fill their water bottles. On top of that, we made sure that festival-goers knew that water in festival taps was potable, thus limiting the usage of plastic water bottles. 

We are aware that there is still a long way to go, but we know that the change starts now, and it is our job to do what we can to stop polluting the Earth. 


EcoFestival is a friendier, nicer place for everyone. Photo Szymon Aksienionek



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