Eco vibes at Pol'and'Rock Festival

2022-08-06 15:53:58

It's about to be clean - does this slogan ring a bell? Pol'and'Rock Festival is eco once again! 

We are proud of you for working with us to keep our favourite piece of land clean. Check out the eco-friendly solutions we have prepared and see what you can do to be even more eco-friendly.

Firstly: It's about to be clean

Our Eco Initiative - 'It’s about to be clean' campaign has been with us since 2018. It is thanks to your support that we were able to raise funds for the purchase of bin bags. If you need one, please ask Peace Patrol volunteers about them. We sincerely encourage you to collect them and clean up after yourself. When your bags are full, put them in one of the 51 containers! In this way, we will leave the Czaplinek-Broczyno airfield in an unaltered condition. 


Eco Initiative at the 28th Pol'and'Rock Festival. Photo: Lucyna Lewandowska


Second: green shopping centre

You will not find any plastic bags at the shopping centre. None of the exhibitors have them at their stands. What's more, at SiemaShop, which you will also find along the airstrip, you can buy make-up bags made from old festival banners. That's the eco initiative we can get 100% behind!


Third: our partners are also eco

In the Lech zones you can buy your drink in an RPET mug made from 100% recycled materials. These cups are also recyclable. What's more, the cans and plastic wrappings for Lech's multi-packs are also recycled. And if you want to clean up, which we strongly encourage you to do, Lech has prepared 30,000 bags for you. 



Festival-goers with a reusable cups from LECH


Play, in turn, in keeping with festival tradition, has prepared for you a huge charging station where you can plug in your phone and relax for a while in the shade. Two zones will - in the eco-friendly spirit - be powered by solar and wind energy!


Fourth: Water at the Festival

We encourage you to save water at the Festival. It's important for our planet. And if you get thirsty, you can fill your bottles with drinking water at two points located on the field: Bravo and Charlie. This way you won't have to buy bottled water, which will reduce the amount of rubbish produced. 


Fifth: eco AFA

We want to be a change for the better, we want to build a responsible and aware civil society together with you. That is why every year we invite numerous guests, NGOs, foundations, and associations to address significant topics during the debates, simulations, or workshops. One of the issues that periodically appears at the Academy of the Finest of Arts is ecology and healthy lifestyles. This year you will find six organisations that promote ecological activities:

  • The International Movement for Animals – Viva! — a non-governmental organisation that fights to improve the life of animals in Poland. 
  • Greenpeace Poland is an international non-governmental organisation that works in over 55 countries to protect the environment.
  • Anonymous for the Voiceless – a pro-animal organisation that focuses its work on raising awareness of what industrial farming is.
  • Open Cages Association – their activities focus on the protection of animals confined in farms. 
  • The Mam Pomysł Foundation, which runs the Shelter for Homeless Animals in Świdnica and educates the local community in the process. 
  • The Polish Society for the Protection of Animals OTOZ Animals Warsaw – one of the oldest non-governmental organisations involved in the protection of animal rights in Poland. Among other things, it runs 10 shelters for homeless animals. 


Anonymous for the Voiceless, Photo: Stanisław Wadas


At the AFA you can also take part in eco workshops:

  • Right to clean air and environment in the court docket – Defender Iuris Bar Association 
  • Lions, tigers, bears and other victims of war – Peace & Love for animals – Ewa Zgrabczyńska, Director of Poznan Zoo  
  • Food of the future – on the skill set of an environmental journalist – Patryk Motyka (Onet) and Stanislaw Łobodziak
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