EABS at Pol'and'Rock Festival

2021-07-08 11:34:20


A new generation of artists is creating jazz is redefining, growing, and changing the genre. They are actively bringing excellent jazz music into the mainstream, introducing it to new, young audiences. EABS works according to the idea of "reconstruction from deconstruction", reimagining and redefining some of the classics of the genre and mashing them with entirely contemporary urban beats and music.  Their sound is modern yet steeped in the jazz tradition and drawing from the richness of its heritage. 

The band looks at music from new and unique vantage points, creating, recreating and reimagining what we associate with jazz music. EABS is instantly recognizable thanks to its musical creativity, technical ability and lyrics, which are heavily inspired by hip-hop culture. The band does not shy from social involvement and sharp commentary on the situation in Poland. 

The band released three albums, with their most recent offering, "Discipline of Sun Ra", hitting the shelves last year. The band keeps their sound challenging, interesting and unique. 

The band played as a part of Jazz Night at AFA at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World. The tradition of nightly jazz concerts featuring some of Poland's cutting-edge jazz bands originated in 2017. It was made possible thanks to the close cooperation with major music magazine - Jazzforum. 



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