Dr Misio at Pol'and'Rock Festival Online

2020-07-16 13:45:20

Dr Misio is one of the most controversial and fearless bands in Poland. The punk aesthetic and attitude go together with texts created by leading Polish authors and poets for biting, honest commentary on contemporary society. Their gigs are real shows of raw power, emotion and musical skill. The band does not take any prisoners, they go all out, and they never look back. Hard rock, brutal punk, and honest lyrics define Dr Misio. 



The band was formed in 2008 at the initiative of its frontman, Arek Jakubik. Soon enough, they began making an impact on the Polish music scene. At first, Dr Misio made some waves with music videos published on Youtube. 2013 saw the release of their debut album, with their second release to follow just a year later. The reviewers noted that Dr Misio's music is dark, bitter, and drawing inspiration from the best tradition of blues and rock'n'roll music. As one journalist has put it "these are the blokes with some massive emotional baggage, singing sad songs about love, loss, and death". 



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