Dirty Shirt wins the Golden Spinning Top

2022-07-04 20:45:00

The Golden Spinning Top is the Pol'and'Rock Festival audience award. The fans get to vote for their favourite performer from the last edition of the Festival. The winner takes it all - the brass statue and a ticket to the Main Stage of the next edition of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World! This year 32 Polish and foreign bands from the Main and the AFA Night Stages took part in the competition


The voting was held online via our website. Fans were verified with their Facebook profiles. 



Dirty Shirt at 27. Pol'and'Rock Festival, photo: Stanisław Wadas


In the first two rounds of the competition, three bands - Batna, Dirty Shirt and Łydka Grubasa won the highest score and made it to the final rounds. In the end, a total of 18,461 votes were cast. As many as 5062 votes went to Dirty Shirt, ensuring the band the invitation to gig at the Main Stage of the upcoming Pol'and'Rock Festival. 



Dirty Shirt - learn more about the band!

Dirty Shirt combines the power of heavy metal with the energy and passion of Slavic folk as well as the rich inspirations from world music. The group is considered to be one of the most original Eastern European bands and is hyped across different international festivals. Regardless of the language, recorded in either English or Romanian, their pieces are frisky, catchy, dynamic, and most of all enjoyable for quite a large audience. 


The band was established in 1995 in northern Transylvania, Romania. 



About the Golden Spinning Top


The first award of the Golden Spinning Top was granted in 1995, after the very first edition of the Festival (then known as the Woodstock Festival Poland). Since 1996 the prize is given to the artist during the following edition of the festival, whenever possible. The award allows the band to perform once more on the biggest festival stage in Europe. 


Among the winners of the last editions of the Golden Spinning Top are Kwiat Jabłoni, Avatar, Łydka Grubasa and Dubioza Kolektiv. 

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