DAGADANA at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World

2022-05-30 21:15:00


Dagadana is a Polish-Ukrainian band making for a great ambassador of the Slavic culture. For the past 14 years they have beautifully mixed elements of the two cultures through jazz, electronic and world music. Wherever they are, they successfully prove that the transparency in music takes down any boundaries, brings people together and starts a wonderful mystic adventure.


Dagadana is the only Polish and Ukrainian band to perform at Glastonbury Festival in 2019. They were noticed by the US National Geographic.



Their new record “Tobie” (nominated for “Fryderyki 2022”) taps into the oldest Slavic carols. Compositions with folk, electric and jazz notes are not only an important factor in Polish-Ukrainian relations, but also a vivid example that performing in one’s mother tongue may attract a wide audience from different parts of the world.



Daga Gregorowicz – vocal, electronics, percussion

Dana Vynnytska – vocal, keyboards, percussion

Mikołaj Pospieszalki – double bass, bass guitar, violin, synthesizers, vocal

Bartosz Mikołaj Nazaruk – drums, percussion, vocal






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