Cyrk Deriglasoff at Pol'and'Rock Online

2020-07-16 13:25:25


Olaf Deriglasofff is one of the most prominent representatives of Polish alternative scene, known for his experimental, innovative approach to creating music. Deriglasoff has a rich portfolio of solo projects as well as cooperation with well-known musicians such as Kazik Staszweski, Tymon Tymański, and Maciek Maleńczuk, to name a few. 

Deriglasoff does not give up upon musical exploration. After years of experimentation with heavier, rock'n'roll sound, the musician is making his triumphant return into the realm of softer, more melodic sounds. Deriglasoff creates his personal, unique music style dubbed vaudeville punk - a combination of artistic expression reminiscent of cabaret scenes with an irreverent punk attitude. Lyrics, which are a wry commentary on all things life and art. 



Cyrk Deriglasoff performed at last year's edition of Pol'and'Rock Festival, taking the Second Stage of the festival by storm. This year the artist will be back to showcase his unique approach to music at the festival studio in Warsaw. 



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