Bringing Back Festival Memories

2019-12-09 16:10:46


Did you know that we are one of the biggest live music labels in the country? We can capture some of the most real, rawest, most authentic moments which take place on the festival stages. The unique quality of music captures more than just live performance - we can capture and preserve the mood of the moment, the atmosphere and the emotions of the massive crowd and the relationships forming between the performer and the audience.


The CD & DVD releases are available in our online shop (Poland shipping only) and on all excellent streaming services worldwide! 


Agnieszka Chylińska is the rock diva. She celebrated the 25th anniversary of her music career at #polandrock2019 and what a show it was - full of energy and genuine passion.




fot. Damian Mekal


Łydka Grubasa is a rock band with a twist, best-loved for their irreverent sense of humour and bravado. The group was voted as the best #polandrock2018 act. 




fot. Damian Mekal


Dubioza Kolektiv is a real festival favourite, with their energetic and upbeat mix of rock and Balkan-inspired folk. They played at the festival twice, and we released their 2018 gig.




fot. Anna Migda


Kwiat Jabłoni is a brother & sister duet and a real breath of fresh air on the Polish indie rock and alt-pop scene.




fot. Bartek Muracki


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