Best Major Festival Nomination

2019-11-21 13:38:32

We are competing with some major (no pun intended) players this year - all festivals in our category have not only an impressive daily capacity of over 40 000. It comes as no surprise that the very rich and vibrant European festival market produces some of the most remarkable musical events and experiences. We are up against French metal heavyweights Hellfest, Serbian Exit Festival, Sziget Festival, and independent music festival Hurricane, to name just a few of the impressive roster of music events competing for the title of Best Major Festival. 


We are the only non-commercial festival featured on the list, and it would be great if you could cast your vote and support us! Our festival keeps going because we believe in the power of music to unite people. We are very proud of what we create at Pol'and'Rock - it is a genuine community. Festival-goers - you - show that people can respect each other, show tolerance and create a real oasis of peaceful coexistence in the world which is, regretfully, powered by conflict. We are more than just a non-commercial music festival, Pol'and'Rock is a celebration of freedom, where anyone can experience some of the best international bands, discover new music, learn, and charge your spiritual batteries for the upcoming year! 


photo Stanisław Wadas


The Most Beautiful Festival in the World is a cult event for generations of young Poles and a staple in the summer calendar for hundreds of thousands of people. The festival has helped to shape the musical landscape in the country and remains one of the most important cultural events. Especially now, when media and public life is littered with hatred and divisions between people become more profound than ever before, an event where everyone is welcome and which is genuinely open and free makes an important statement and shows up to 700 000 people that a different reality is not only possible - it is achievable. 

So, if ideals of peace, tolerance, and community are close to your heart and you look for an authentic experience - you belong at Pol'and'Rock! 



photo Lucyna Lewandowska

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