Arkadiusz Jakubik at the AFA

2021-06-08 16:14:33


Arek Jakubik is a stage and theatre actor, film director, and vocalist. Jakubik began his film career at a very early age when the 8-year-old actor appeared in a film directed by Tadeusz Kijański. The actor went on to appear in high school theatre and later graduated from Arts Academy in Wrocław. Initially, Jakubik appeared in Rampa Theatre and gained widespread popularity thanks to his part in one of the first Polish sitcoms. Despite commercial success, the actor struggled to find a creative outlet, which would challenge his talents. The turning point in his career came in 2005 when Jakubik began his long-lasting and successful cooperation with the acclaimed Polish director, Wojciech Smarzowski. Jakubik got to present the entire scope of his acting talent - drawing the audiences in with nuanced, emotionally raw and real portrayals of difficult and complex characters. Jakubik creates multidimensional comedic and tragic roles. 

The actor has dabbled in directing - two of his efforts gained critical and commercial success. Jakubik's directing debut, released in 2010, won one of the most important film awards in Poland. His second film, a play on the thriller genre was also well received by the critics. 

Arkadiusz Jakubik is also the frontman of punk-rock outfit Dr Misio. 

Jakubik na Finale WOŚP. fot. Michał Kwaśniewski

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