Andrzej Mleczko at the Online AFA

2020-06-01 16:17:02

Andrzej Mleczkoś art became synonymous with social and political cartoon. The witty commentary on the current social and political issues is instantly recognizable as coming from Mleczko.

Andrzej Mleczko made his debut as a newspaper cartoonist in 1971. Since then, he became a household name when it comes to political and social satire, but he has dabbled in stage set design and, poster design and advertisement design. His oeuvre includes over thirty thousand drawings and comics published in Polish and international newspapers and magazines. The artist's work was published in over 60 books, and collections and his art was featured at 125 exhibitions in Poland and 30 abroad.
In 1983 he launched an individual first cartoon gallery in Poland. Visitors can browse through Mleczko's artworks and meet with the artist.


Andrzej Mleczko fot. Adam Gołda

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