Allegro zone - cheers to relax and fun

2022-07-08 09:20:00

Pol’and’Rock Festival 2022 starts on the 4th of August and will last for three days. This year the event is billed to take place at Czaplinek - Borczyno Airport. Festivalgoers will again have the opportunity to visit the Allegro festival zone. Find out what will be waiting for you on-site! 


The next edition of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World launches soon! Similarly to earlier editions, also this year Allegro has prepared their zone with numerous attractions for the festivalgoers. Allegro's Ferris wheel unquestionably scored the title of the most popular symbol of the Festival - do not fear, this year it will be there too! Each festivalgoer will get the chance to hop on a ride and admire the view from the very top. In the relax zone, Allegro prepared some shading with sunbeds and a graduation tower with a brine mist for a refreshing breeze on the hot summer days. 




Apart from that, the festivalgoers will be able to play Twister, chess, ludo or jumping frogs. Moreover, there will be a beach volleyball court for everyone who fancies some sports competitions. The winners will be awarded prizes sponsored by Allegro Lokalnie. The kids' zone will warmly welcome the youngest participants of the event. Last but not least, Allegro One Box will dare to surprise you with some superb gadgets! 



Discover Allegro zone at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World between 4-6 August 2022!


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