"AAAAANDDRREEEWWW!" – or the Pol'and'Rock Festival traditions

2022-08-01 18:26:52

Traditions, customs, culture – these elements define a community and make it possible for a group of previously unknown people to become a family over the course of a few unforgettable days. Whether you're Festival newcomers or veterans, here's a reminder of the Festival's most important traditions.


Decorating the Main StageThe Most Beautiful Festival in the World is created by you, the participants, so we can’t start the fun until you have left your mark on our Stage. Attaching banners, transparents and boards with the names of the towns from which you have come to us is one of the most important items on the list.


Decorating the Main Stage, photo: Bartek Muracki


Opening of the Festival – every year we gather in front of the Main Stage for the opening ceremony of the World's Most Beautiful Festival. The opening ceremony can’t start without Mr Roman Polański, a retired railway worker from Żary. Since 1997, he has been using his whistle to announce the departure of the event, to the accompaniment of Glory, Glory Hallelujah played by the orchestra. This unique tradition is the reason you have been bringing your colourful flags and the Festival sunflowers for years. At the kick-off we also say the words of our pol'and'rock oath. Below you can find the oath’s words.


Opening of the 25th Pol'and'Rock Festival, photo: Damian Mekal


The camp sites – the zones we create with our partners – are just a microscopic fraction of what you, the participants, create on the campsite. Theme camps, sports camps, music camps, multilingual camps – these are just a few examples of your ingenuity which makes the Pol’and’Rock Festival’s community so colourful and unique. Many camps have been coming to the Festival in unchanged line-ups for years!


Campsites at the 27th Pol'and'Rock Festival, photo: Michał Kwaśniewski


“It's about to get dark!” cries, and “Shut up!” in response, were probably born in 2009 or 2010. We cannot be entirely sure when the tradition started. What we do know is that, like most customs, it was invented by you. Legend has it that no matter which city in Poland you are in, if you shout “It's about to get dark!”, someone will one hundred percent shout you out and most likely give you a hug.


Potatoes with kefir – an exquisite dish not to be missed in the Festival food courts. Delicious, nutritious and perfect for August temperatures. While enjoying your meal, you can argue about WHO AND WHY calls potatoes SPUDS, TATERS or YAMS?


Concerts with culture – the Festival’s audience is famous for its good manners in front of the stage. The best evidence of this is singing “Happy Birthday” to every artist, and chanting “thank you”. Simple, and enjoyed by every one of our guests. Remember to lend a helping hand to anyone who falls down in front of the stage, faints in the crowd, or just wants to try crowd-surfing.


Searching for Andrew – no one knows who the mythical Andrew is. If someone asks you to help them find him, it is tradition to join in the search and keep yelling out his name AAAAANDDRREEEWWW!


Eco initiative  – “It's about to be clean!” — every year, we try to leave behind as much tidiness as possible. That’s why together with our partners, we collect funds to buy rubbish bags for you to help us with our Eco Initiative. While cleaning up after your campsites, remember this – you are helping us a lot to bring the field to the state we found it in. Thank you!


The final act – the ritual ends the Festival and is a very emotional moment. Together with Jurek, the Peace Patrol and the Festival staff, we thank you for these wonderful days spent together in an atmosphere of love, peace and beautiful music. Every year we sing together our anthem, the song “Z tylu chmur” [Eng. “Out of so many clouds”], performed by Piotr Bukartyk and his orchestra. Tradition is fulfilled when Jurek Owsiak officially closes the Festival with his speech.


Official ending of the 25th Pol'and'Rock Festival, photo: Dominik Malik

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