A message about Pol'and'Rock from Jurek

2022-04-15 09:45:01



The very core of our Festival is based on people meeting in an atmosphere of peace, filled with friendship, kindness and tolerance. The Festival created a true community, a vibrant civic society, which enthusiastically welcomes all artists and is vocal when it comes to expressing their opinions. This year's edition of the festival is going to be genuinely exceptional. We are no longer holding a festival - let's all come together in a massive peace manifestation, a meeting of like-minded people who take a stance against the war. Let the world hear about our message - NO WAR! 


Jurek Owsiak podczas 27. Pol'and'Rock,  fot. Marcin Michoń


We are opening up our festival once again. The festival grounds will be fenced to mark the area we are responsible for. Entry will be open and accessible for all who want to participate in our festival for peace. We are working out the situational plan for the festival, and as soon as everything is settled, we will be able to let you know details about the locations of campsites and facilities. Please remember that we are again discovering a new place and facing an all-new set of challenges: digging a well to access water, securing power for the stages, and solving sewage and recycling issues. This new site - Czaplinek - is a massive learning curve for us. 


We count on your help. We are relaunching our Eco Festival initiative. We'll rely on you - festival-goers to pay attention to how you use water and leave the festival's location as we depart the site. We rely on the Peace Patrol volunteers will be there to help and guide you, but taking care of our new home falls on the festival community. Like no one else, we know that you appreciate and understand our messages and intentions for the festival. We promise to keep you informed about all developments and share relevant practical information with you. For example, the festival line-up is nearly complete - and we want to provide you with a top-notch festival experience filled with fantastic music and impressive festival guests and speakers! Still, I'd like to stress that the central element of the Pol'and'Rock Festival is you - our community and our message - NO WAR! 


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