6 Things You Can’t Miss at Pol’and’Rock Festival

2019-07-31 12:16:19


(1) Take a ride on Allegro’s Ferris wheel

It’s back, and it’s just as scenic as ever! See the Festival Field from the heights of the Allegro Zone ferris wheel. It’s the perfect photo opportunity and an impressive view! 

But that’s not all the Allegro Zone has to offer this year. Keeping with our eco-friendly theme, Allegro is fostering the spirit of #BeSmart and #WasteLess. They are hosting environmentally friendly DIY workshops, during which you will learn how to make beeswax food wraps, homemade skincare products, or a grocery bag made from reused materials. 

You can also try to find your way through their ECOmaze, which will challenge your pathfinding skills and teach you about conservation efforts. And if you want to leave a lasting memory of this year’s Pol’and’Rock, record a message to Mother Earth and leave it in Allegro’s 100-year time capsule!


Koło w strefie Allegro fot. Lucyna Lewandowska


(2) Slide into a purple mud bath

The Play Zone came up with an all-new attraction for this year! Zoom down the waterslide into a pool of purple mud and take a Facebook selfie using their special purple frame. Then, gather a group of friends and play some ultimate frisbee or join the tug-of-war competition!

If you would rather avoid overexertion, you can choose to attend the meet & greet with some Polish influencers: RedLipstickMonster, rezi, and Człowiek Warga are headed to Kostrzyn to spend the Festival with you. And in the meantime, charge your phone at one of Play’s charging stations!


Strefa Play, fot. Dariusz Bres


(3) Visit the Academy of the Finest of Arts

The AFA hill is the Mount Olympus of Pol’and’Rock culture and learning. Attend lectures and panels about art, travel, psychology, journalism, health, theater, ecology, and more. Go to live interviews with renowned artists and actors including Krzysztof Skiba, Konrad Kondratiuk, and Bożena Stachura. Get a lesson in diversity at the Be yourself: transgender issues debate ran by the Polish Commissioner for Human Rights Adam Bodnar. 

If you prefer a more practical approach, attend any of the dozens of workshops run by visiting foundations! Want to try going vegan, but don’t know where to start? Visit Otwarte Klatki’s workshop. Want to learn how to administer first aid to handicapped people? Visit Centrum Niezależnego Życia for an interactive demonstration. Want to learn how to better manage your mental health, thoughts, and feelings? Join one of the many mindfulness or meditation workshops run by Super Mental or Między Innymi. 


Scena ASP, fot. Lucyna Lewandowska

(4) Keep it green with us!

We are all for eco-friendliness. Our “Keeping it Green Together” initiative aims to educate and motivate everyone to make slight changes in their habits and live a bit more eco-friendly, both at the festival and beyond.

We have prepared tens of thousands of trash bags. 38 trash collection points, 4 recycling points, and 100 plastic and aluminum trash cans are spread across the Festival Field. Remember our 10 eco-friendliness rules, share our #WasteLess initiatives with your friends, and we are sure to make this year’s festival the greenest of them all!


Zaraz będzie czysto, fot. Lucyna Lewandowska

(5) Get crafting in the Lech Village Creativity Studio

Unforgettable concerts, phenomenal contests, and eco-friendly initiatives—visiting the Lech Zone is another thing you simply cannot miss! Their Creativity Studio will let you connect with your artistic side and create a unique look that you will get to show off in a special fashion show.

Beers served in 100% biodegradable cups is a major innovation we are particularly proud of, and the return of last year’s favorite recycling initiative—in which bringing in bags of empty plastic bottles, aluminum cans, or recyclable paper can get you a Pol’and’Rock sweatshirt, or even an electric scooter!


Miasteczko Leszka na Pol'and'Rock Festival 2018 fot. Dominik Malik

(6) See your favorite band live

In the whirlwind of activities, don’t forget that Pol’and’Rock is, first and foremost, a music festival. This year’s 25th anniversary lineup is a perfect blend of genres, in which everyone can find something they’ll love—so take a look at what the 4 stages, 3 panel spaces, and 4 special zones have to offer, and plan your days wisely!




 Michalina, translation + additional text by Ada

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