16 important festival dates & deadlines

2019-07-22 11:34:11

Pol'and'Rock Festival is an event unlike any other - a massive, free festival, which takes place in meadows and area surrounding the town of Kostrzyn nad Odrą. There are 5 music stages, over 80 non-governmental organizations presenting their activities and hundreds of different events and activities taking place during the festival. We receive many questions - so we answer them here. 

1. When can we drive into the festival field in front of the Main Stage? 

You won't be able to drive into the festival field from July 27th. You will be able to drive your car into the festival field to unpack your things before July 27th, but you won't be able to park your car on the festival field. 

On July 29th, the main road crossing the festival field will be closed, so you will not be able to enter the festival field by car at all. 

2. When will Malinowski Field Campsite be closed to traffic? 

You can drive your car into the Malinowski Field Campise until it fills up. You will be able to park your car there, but leaving the festival field will be possible only on Sunday. 

3. When will you launch the festival facilities (toilets & taps)?

Some of the facilities available on the festival site will be switched on on July 30th. 

4. When will the festival supermarket open? Will it be open on Sunday? 

Lidl will open on Monday, July 29th at noon and will be open until 8 pm. In the following days, until August 4th, the supermarket will be open 24/7. The shop will close at noon on August 4th. 

 5. When will catering & beverage areas be open? 

Coca-Cola & Red Bull stalls will open on Tuesday, 30.07. Lidl will open on Monday. Catering zone by the Milenijna Alley will open on Monday, and the catering zone by the Main Stage will open on Tuesday. 

6. When will Beer Villages open? 

Lech Beer Village will open on Tuesday, 30.07, at 2 pm. 

7. When will Siemashop (festival merchandise stall) open? 

We open on Tuesday, 30.07. 

8. When will medical response and first aid points begin operating?

 All medical response teams and first aid teams will begin their work on Wednesday, at noon. 

9. When will CPR classes begin? 

You will be able to learn CPR from Tuesday, 30.07. CPR for Schools tent will be open between the hours of 9:00-21:00. 

10. What to do if I lose or find something? 

Lost & Found Tent is located on the right-hand side of the Main Stage. It begins work on Wednesday from 3 pm until 18:00. On Thursday it will be open from 8:00 and on Friday and Saturday, it will be open from 7:00 until the end of the last show on the Main Stage. 

11. When will Toi Camp open? 

Toi Camp camping sites will open on Wednesday at 7:00 and will close on August 5th at noon. 

12. Will there be a safe box/deposit available at the festival? 

Unfortunately not

13. When the first big events will take place? 

First main events take place on Wednesday. It's a first meeting at the AFA Big Tent and first show at Viva Kultura Tent. 

14. When and where will I be able to check my blood alcohol level? 

Free breathalyzer test will be available at the Lech Beer Village and at all major car parks. Check your BAC! Zones will be open from Thursday till Sunday. Opening hours: Thursday 16:00 - 24:00 Friday 10:00 - 01:00, Saturday 10:00 - 01:00, Sunday 8:00-15:00. 

15. When will hog parade begin? 

The motor rally will begin on Saturday at 2 pm from the Main Stage. 

16. When will meet & greet session will take place? 

We will be letting you know in our festival app! 


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