13 Things you Should Know About Online Festival

2020-06-05 11:36:56


We are gearing up to hold the Most Beautiful House Party in the World, which this year will replace our annual meeting with all friends of the festival. We are looking forward to meeting with all of you online and celebrating music, freedom, and friendship with everyone around the World. Today we reveal 13 things we already know about our online festival. 


Audience members at the festival. photo Anna Migda


We can now reveal 13 facts about #polandrock2020: 

1. Where and when 

Pol'and'Rock 2020 is not cancelled! We are moving to the virtual world this year. We will meet online on the days of 30-31 July and 1st of August. We will reunite in Kostrzyn nad Odrą in 2021 on the last three days of July: 29-31. 


2. Music for days 

We are holding a festival which, for the first time, will be streamed globally in full, making it accessible to people from all around the World. We will be transferring the unique and special atmosphere to the Internet and working to ensure that you feel that festival vibe wherever you are. The entire stream will last over 70 hours - so three days filled with music, fun, and friendship. 


3. Free festival 

Our festival has always been and will be a free and non-commercial event, and we are not going to change that. All music all the time all for free. We are going to be sharing never-before-seen footage with you. 


4. Amazing set design 

We are playing in a completely new setting, so we decided to go all out with a new set design for our festival studio in Warsaw. Check it out - it's full of vibrant colours, and it will be brimming with colour and music soon! 


5. Online Academy of the Finest of Arts 

We are moving online in full force. Academy of the Finest of Arts is all about learning, arts, and meetings with prominent and respected public figures (think important like Nobel Prize laureates Olga Tokarczuk and Lech Wałęsa and Oscar winners like Andrzej Wajda) who share their unique stories with the festival audience. We could not give up on these inspiring meetings. We are moving them online as well! 


Spotkanie ze Zbigniewem Zamachowskim na ASP, fot. Basia Lutzner

6. Expression of gratitude 

Traditionally our festival is our way of saying thank you for all the support our charity receives during our winter fundraiser. We want to share something out-of-the-world with our volunteers and with people who donate in aid of the Grand Finale fundraiser. This time we would like to give you the gift of music for your resilience in the efforts of fighting with COVID-19 pandemic. 


7. Jurek Owsiak is the MC 

Another thing which remains constant is Jurek Owsiak's energetic presence as the Master of Ceremony at the festival. 


8. Concerts LIVE at the studio

We are going to bring some of our musician friends (and we are talking some great Polish music acts) to our festival studio in Warsaw. Nothing can replace the energy of a live performance, so we are going to share these unique moments with almost 30 bands. We're looking forward to seeing them in a different setting! 


9. Global map of house parties

We are going to create a map of all festival house parties taking place across the World. Add your event to our map and let's celebrate together (but apart). 


Festiwalowicze Pol'and'Rock, fot. Anna Migda


10. Festival will be launched by Roman Polański (not that one!) 

Our festival has a vibrant tradition and lore. Roman Polański is a stationmaster from Żory train station. The town of Żory used to host our festival. Even though we have moved the festival to Kostrzyn nad Odrą, Roman Polański is the one to mark the start of each festival. This year is not going to be any different. The stationmaster will whistle to signal the beginning of our online festival. 


11. Rise and shine

We will kick-start each festival morning with a warm-up to get you all ready to boogie. We are looking into yoga, Zumba, or capoeira morning sessions. 


12. Casting our festival stars 

We are on the look-out for up-and-coming stars to feature in our festival TV spot. Are you ready to shine? Drop us an e-mail! 


13. Workshops launch two weeks before the festival 

Plenty of you regrets not making it to AFA workshops during the festival. Well, with all going on at the festival field and workshops running for a couple of days only, you can be excused. However, we decided to launch workshops two weeks ahead of the festival. Art, ecology, self-help - there will be no excuse to miss the fun! 


Publiczność Najpiękniejszego Festiwalu Świata, fot. Fundacja WOŚP

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