2020-06-01 16:17:02

Andrzej Mleczko at the Online AFA

Andrzej Mleczkoś art became synonymous with social and political cartoon. The witty commentary on the current social and political issues is instantly recognizable as coming from Mleczko.
2020-06-01 13:24:42

Janusz Gajos at the Online AFA

The esteemed Polish actor of the film and stage will appear at the online edition of our festival.
2020-05-26 12:31:32

Sekielski Brothers at the Online AFA

Tomasz and Marek Sekielski are a brother duo behind the groundbreaking documentary films investigating abuse of children perpetrated by the catholic church priests in Poland.
2020-05-26 10:42:24

Ewa Ewart at the Online Festival

The first speaker to be confirmed for the online edition of the Academy of the Finest of Arts panel is Ewa Ewart, a groundbreaking documentary film-maker.
2020-04-27 20:10:00

Pol'and'Rock Festival 2020 Announcement

It is with heavy hearts that we have to announce that Pol'and'Rock Festival 2020 will not go on this year. Instead, we are throwing the Most Beautiful House Party in the World - and you are invited!
2020-04-13 20:15:00

Wednesday 13 at Pol’and’Rock Festival

Masters of the macabre will take the Main Stage at Pol'and'Rock Festival this summer.
2020-03-30 18:21:10

Rise of the Northstar at Pol'and'Rock Festival

The phenomenal crossover band will take the Main Stage at Pol'and'Rock Festival. Are you ready to experience metal, hip-hop, and hardcore all blended into one and with a unique manga twist? 
2020-03-30 18:13:20

Fiddler's Green at Pol'and'Rock Festival

Fans of Irish folk-inspired music are in for a real treat this year. Fiddler’s Green joins Dropkick Murphys, The Rumjacks, and Saint City Orchestra in the Pol’and’Rock Festival lie-up. The German band will be celebrating the 30-year anniversary with the audience of the Most Beautiful Festival in the World!
2020-03-23 19:27:36

The Exploited at Pol'and'Rock Festival

Icons of punk rock will take the Main Stage at Pol'and'Rock Festival, proving, once again that punk is very much not dead - it's alive, kicking, and ready to take over the Most Beautiful Festival in the World.
2020-03-17 15:49:29

St Patric's Day Pol'and'Rock Style!

Let's celebrate the luck of the Irish! We've prepared a subjective selection of our favourite tunes inspired by the sounds and music of the Green Island - so, stay home this St. Patric's Day and enjoy these fantastic gigs!
2020-03-16 21:25:00

Dirty Shirt at the Second Stage

The Romanian folk/metal sensation submitted their CD to play at the Most Beautiful Festival in the World. Dirty Shirt will take the Second Stage at Pol'and'Rock Festival this summer.
2020-03-16 21:15:00

Saint City Orchestra at Pol'and'Rock Festival

The energetic folk-inspired band from St. Gallen in Switzerland is going to take the Second Stage audience straight on a pub crawl across the Green Island!
2020-03-16 20:10:00

Death Angel at Pol'and'Rock Festival

Three decades into their celebrated career, thrash metal legends, Death Angel, remain as hungry as ever. The Bay Area thrash quintet will be taking the Second Stage at Pol’and’Rock Festival this summer. 
2020-03-10 10:40:00

Raz Dwa Trzy Returns to Pol'and'Rock Festival

One of the most exciting bands on the Polish alternative music scene is returning to the Most Beautiful Festival in the World to celebrate its 30th anniversary.
2020-03-09 19:24:51

The Rumjacks at Pol'and'Rock

The Australian band is making its return to the Most Beautiful Festival in the World, this time showcasing their trademark fusion of Celtic folk, solid punk rock and hard rock at the Second Stage of Pol'and'Rock Festival.
2020-03-05 16:30:09

Live Emerging Bands Competition Concerts Cancelled

The live concert stage of the Emerging bands competition has been cancelled due to coronavirus outbreak in Europe. The bands will play live, but the concerts will be closed to the public.

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