2022-05-16 21:30:00

Kirszenbaum at Pol'and'Rock Festival

The Polish post-rock band Kirszenbaum joins the 28. Pol'and'Rock Festival Second Stage line-up. They combine guitars, post-rock violin and live-created loops with electronic music, creating a very specific modern interpretation of Slavic and Anglo-Saxon folk pieces.
2022-05-16 21:25:00

Fun Lovin' Criminals at Pol'and'Rock Festival

Europe’s best-loved “cousins from New York” - Fun Lovin' Criminals are confirmed to perform at the upcoming Pol'and'Rock Festival!
2022-05-16 21:15:00

STAKE at Pol'and'Rock Festival

Their music is loud, that's for sure. Loud enough for Pol'and'Rock Festival? We'll see! STAKE, from Belgium, joins 28. Pol'and'Rock Festival line-up!
2022-05-09 21:25:00

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard at Pol'and'Rock

The innovative Australian band is confirmed to perform at the upcoming Pol'and'Rock Festival. It will be their first foray into meeting the Polish audience.
2022-05-09 21:20:00

Kwiat Jabłoni at Pol'and'Rock

The charismatic brother-sister duo will return to the Most Beautiful Festival in the World, which has helped them launch their career. The group grew to be one of the most popular and best-loved musicians in Poland.
2022-05-02 21:35:00

GWAR at Pol'and'Rock Festival

The story of GWAR is carved across the history of this barren and hopeless planet, but GWAR themselves are not of this world... their story begins in the deepest reaches of outer space. The shock-rock band will showcase their irreverent style at Pol'and'Rock 2022.
2022-05-02 21:25:00

Punk legends at Pol'and'Rock

Icons of punk rock are confirmed to play at Pol'and'Rock Festival, proving, once again that punk is very much not dead - it's alive, kicking, and ready to take over the Most Beautiful Festival in the World.
2022-04-25 14:11:44

Leaders of British alternative scene at Pol'and'Rock

Fresh off their win at BRITs in the Best British Band category and just a year after the release of their third studio album, which has been dubbed a masterpiece and best in their career, Wolf Alice are going to play at Pol'and'Rock 2022!
2022-04-25 12:52:38

ØRGANEK at 28. Pol'and'Rock Festival

Ørganek band returns to the Most Beautiful Festival in the World. The group, which impressed the judges at the 21st edition of our Emerging Bands competition, went on to play at the festival. The rock band is returning to Pol'and'Rock Festival to grace its 28th edition in 2022!
2022-04-19 10:18:42

Clutch confirmed for Pol'and'Rock 2022

Clutch, widely regarded as one of the most influential and best rock bands of the modern era confirms its concert at the upcoming Pol'and'Rock Festival.
2022-04-15 09:45:01

A message about Pol'and'Rock from Jurek

Jurek Owsiak, the creator of the Pol'and'Rock Festival, shares a message about the upcoming edition of the festival. The event, which will take place in a new location of Czaplinek-Broczyno airfield, is back to its open, freely accessible form.
2022-04-11 15:16:52

First act in Pol'and'Rock 2022 line-up confirmed

Legends of European punk rock scene, Tagada Jones, confirmed that they will be playing at Pol'and'Rock 2022. It’s been already more than 25 years that Tagada Jones cross-national and international stages with its French punk-hardcore
2021-08-13 14:46:21

Five Most Touching Moments from Pol'and'Rock 2021

Music festivals are all about living in a moment, but the memories we all make when enjoying our time at Pol'and'Rock will shape us for the years to come. Many people say that their festival experience charges their batters for an entire why not relive the best moments from the festival yet again?
2021-07-31 16:24:20

We've started playing. The start of concerts and the first meetings at the Academy of the Finest of Arts are already behind us.

''We took the bull by the horns!'' - admitted Jurek Owsiak, president of the Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy Foundation, during a press conference, just before the first concerts took place on the Main Stage. Although the 27th Pol'and'Rock Festival officially started on Thursday, July 29, at the beginning of the week, the Academy of the Finest of Arts opened to festivalgoers with a whole arsenal of its events, concerts and workshops.
2021-07-30 22:10:13

Beautiful conversations at the Academy of the Finest of Arts - Pol'and'Rock is a place of exceptional meetings

Social activism, culture, travel, legislation, new media – we will definitely talk about these issues at the Academy of the Finest of Arts at the upcoming Pol'and'Rock Festival. Our conversations are always the result of an interesting exchange of views and opinions, or a well-asked question from the audience.
2021-07-30 16:17:09

When will it be dark? The most important traditions at the Pol'and'Rock Festival!

The Pol’and’Rock Festival has a long and rich history. A lot of things have changed over the years: both the place and the name itself. However, some stayed unchanged, like the traditions created and cultivated by you! Today we recall the festival customs that everyone must know!

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