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FAQ | Pol'and'Rock Festival 2022

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  • Where can I buy tickets for Pol'and'Rock Festival 2022?

    Pol’and’Rock Festival is unticketed and free of charge. We are open to everyone who cherishes the values of love, friendship and music.

  • When can I enter the campsite?

    We invite you to arrive at the Czaplinek – Broczyno Airport on 2nd August 2022.

  • Are wristbands for children available?

    Yes! You can grab them for your kid to write down your contact details. Ask our Peace Patrol where to get them on site. 

  • Can underage people come to the festival?

    Yes, provided that they are accompanied by parents or adult guardians. 

  • Will there be ATMs at the Festival?

    Yes. There will be 3 ATMs available for the audience.

  • Will there be an accessible viewing platform for people with disabilites in front of the Main Stage?


  • Will there be a food court at the Festival?

    Yes. We will share the menu just before the Festival. Stay tuned.

  • Will there be sanitary facilities?

    Yes. There will be free sanitary facilities with sinks and paid sanitary facilities with shower stalls (PLN 20 / one shower) available as usual. To use the paid showers you need to buy a ticket – either online on rockcamp.pl or on site in the ticket office.

  • Is the campsite free of charge?

    As usual, you get to choose between two options. A major portion of our festival grounds is a free campsite accessible to everyone. However, if you feel like you need some extra facilities, you may opt for a paid campsite – ROCK CAMP (visit rockcamp.pl to book a spot).

  • How can I get to the Festival’s site?

    By train: The train station is just a few kilometres away (still a walking distance) from the Festival-grounds. There will be some extra train connections through Szczecinek arranged to ease the traffic. Schedules are available here and here.

    All trains' connections can be found here.

    By car: There is a paid parking lot (entry fee, paid in cash upon entrance: PLN 50)  just at the entrance to the Festival grounds. Please, remember that the number of spots is limited. The parking lot opens on August 2, at 8:00 and closes on August 7, at 16:00. Check out our "Travel Bank" [Pol. "Bank Podróży"] or use BlaBlaCar.pl to organise your trip better! Please, keep in mind that driving any vehicles within the Festival grounds and sleeping in a parked car is not allowed.


    By motorcycle: Motorcycle Village is organised by CKM Boanerges. You need to visit their website to sign up!  

  • Are RVs and camping trailers allowed?

    Yes, but only within the paid ROCK CAMP area.

  • Are there any facilities for people with disabilities?

    Yes. See the Accessible Pol'and'Rock site to learn more. 

  • Is there a separate campsite for families?

    Yes, but only within the paid area of ROCK CAMP

  • I still have some questions!

    Please send us an e-mail to [email protected] 


  • I've lost / found something!

    Visit our Lost & Found Hub! 

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