Accessibility at Pol'and'Rock Festival

Accessibility for Festivalgoers with Disabilities


We want to build a festival that is accessible and welcoming for all. We have been working with different charities to improve the access to the festival experience and access to live music for deaf and disabled festival-goers. 

The new festival location brings new challenges, but we are looking forward to welcoming all our friends to the festival site. 


photo: Michał Kwaśniewski

Accessibility at Pol'and'Rock

What to do when your wheelchair or any other mobility aid requires repair?
Make sure you pack ample amounts of gaffer tape - you can use it to fix all minor defects: from defective equipment to defective tents. If you use a wheel-chair to get around the festival field, make sure you pack a small repair kit: a wheel pump and other things you can use to patch the wheels. If you can't fix it by yourself, please get in touch with the Avalon Foundation or ask our Peace Patrol for help. 

 photo: Lucyna Lewandowska

Accessible Viewing Platform

An accessible viewing platform will be located in front of the Main Stage. The platform has ramp access and wheelchair-accessible toilets. 


photo: Lucyna Lewandowska

Accessible Facilities

7 wheelchair-accessible toilets:

  • Main stage, at the accessible viewing platform
  • Shopping Centre, at each end of the alley
  • Second Stage, next to the Play zone and medical aid point
  • Campsite, in two different locations at the free campsite

Wheelchair-accessible paid shower stalls will be available at the campsite. Our food court and medical aid points are also easily accessible for people with disabilities. Ask Peace Patrol volunteers or staff at the areas for assistance! 

photo: Lucyna Lewandowska

Medical Aid

What to do when you hurt yourself?
Make sure you keep a small first aid kit handy (band-aids, sanitizing gel). If you need medical assistance get in touch with Peace Patrol volunteers or members of Medical Patrol. There are Medical Aid points located across the festival field.

What to do to prevent bed sores? 
Keep a close watch on your skin's condition - any signs of redness, or irritation should alarm you. Try to change your position at least once in 3 hours, and while resting, lie on your stomach to allow your back much-needed rest. Avoid any rubber or plastic materials making contact with your skin. Make sure your clothing and sleeping bag is dry. Use gentle cleansing products; never combine powdered cosmetics with thick creams or oils. Take any chance to be active, and move as much as possible! 

 photo: Lucyna Lewandowska

Packing List

What may be useful?
Depending on your needs, remember to pack: medicine (make sure to pack extra!), fingerless gloves (biker gloves), camp shovel, torchlight (headlight works best), extra tire and a small repair kit, and anything else that you might find helpful at the campsite.

photo: Marcin Michon

Sign Language Interpretation


All AFA meetings will be interpreted into Polish Sign Language. 


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