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Key info for Pol'and'Rock Festival 2021



Pol'and'Rock Festival, which has been known as Woodstock Festival Poland, is the biggest non-commercial music event in Europe. The concerts, other activities such as workshops and meetings with influential figures from the world of Polish culture, arts, politics and journalism as well as main campsites are all FREE. It comes as no surprise that music and unforgettable atmosphere of the festival seeped in freedom attract hundreds of thousands of people to our festival. 

The Festival is driven by ideals rather than money. We promote ideals of love, friendship, and we believe in music as accessible to all regardless of the depth of their pockets. We showcase some of the best international and legendary music acts from Poland as well as promising new bands from all over the world on five vibrant festival stages. Even though our festival's roots are essentially all heavy metal, we diversify our line-up so that fans of rock, indie, hip-hop, alternative rock, and reggae will find something to enjoy. 

We celebrate social activism and we aim to create an inclusive and diverse community of festival-goers. 

In 2021 we hope to return to Kostrzyn nad Odrą, a town in western Poland, which has been a hospitable home for our festival and for a crowd of fans of the event. 


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