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Shopping at Pol'and'Rock Festival

For a couple of days, the grounds of the festival become the capital of music, teeming with life and activity. There's plenty of fun activities for people to take part in - and shopping is one of them! Read on to find more about shopping at Pol'and'Rock Festival. 

Do your shopping at Pol'and'Rock

All stalls located on the festival grounds accept the following forms of payment: 

★ debit cards & contactless payments (Mastercard) 

★ cash (you can withdraw money from 4 ATMs located in the festival field)

★ mobile payments


Shopping Lane

Traditionally, the main thoroughfare across the festival grounds becomes a busy shopping lane. With lots of different wares on offer, ranging from hand-made jewellery and clothes to books, refreshments, ice-cream, and army surplus gadgets, everyone will find something to their taste. 

As usual, a huge SiemaShop stall will be located at the very beginning of the lane - it's a stationary shop selling official Pol'and'Rock Festival and Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity merchandise. The proceeds from the sale of these items, such as T-shirts, tote bags, mugs go towards our charity. 


Food court by the Main Stage


  • waffles 
  • corn 
  • fruit salad 
  • granola 
  • pancakes 
  • cheese toasties 
  • fruit 
  • iced coffee 
  • iced tea
  • tea
  • coffee
  • granita 
  • ice-cream 

Tent 2 

  • falafel roll 
  • goulash with groats
  • lamgos
  • cheese & broccoli pasta
  • vegan tortilla 
  • bigos with bread 
  • żurek (sour rye & cream soup) 
  • tomato soup 
  • baked potatoes with sour cream 

Tent 3 

  • sausage roll 
  • grilled sausage + condiments 
  • grilled sausage + bread 
  • shaslik + condiments 
  • shaslik + bread 
  • grilled pork neck + condiments 
  • grilled pork neck + bread 
  • grilled pork neck roll + BBQ sauce 
  • pork chops + condiments 

Tent 4 

  • pierogis (cream & potatoe filling) 
  • pancakes 
  • mega hot dog 
  • strips & fries 
  • belgian fries 
  • potato pancakes 
  • slices & spices with stripes & BBQ sauce 

Tent 5 

  • hamburger 
  • gyros 
  • kebap in a roll 
  • zapiekanka XXL (cheese baguette with condiments) 
  • kebab box 

All food can be bought in a set with a soft drink. 

Food stalls at the Main Alley

 This catering area is located by the Main Shopping Alley, by Milenijna Gate. With 6 different food & beverage zones and vegetarian and vegan options available, the "Smacznie z Grilla" is a foodie paradise. They are also committed to reducing plastic use: food will be served in paper plates, with paper straws and wooden cutlery. 

Dinner menu: 

  • pork chop, potatoes and salad 
  • vegetarian cutlets, rice, peas + basil - vegetarian 
  • potatoes with gzik (quark + radish + chives + sour cream sauce) - vegetarian 
  • couscous with vegetables - vegan 
  • vegan bami goreng - vegan 
  • Breton baked beans 
  • spinach pasta with cheese sauce - vegetarian 
  • pasta in tomato sauce with basil - vegetarian
  • Hungarian soup 
  • tomato soup
  • żurek (sour rye & cream soup) 
  • bigos (sauerkraft meat and sausage stew) 


Fast food menu:

  • Zapiekanka (grilled baguette with a variety of toppings) - vegetarian options available 
  • hotdog 
  • vegetarian hot dog
  • XL hamburger
  • kebab in a bun
  • kebab in a bun with fries 

Food truck menu: 

  • pizza
  • burger 
  • fish burger
  • vegetarian burger
  • belgian fries 
  • pierogis (dumplings) 


Off the grill menu: 

  • ham hock
  • grilled sausages 
  • grilled pork shoulder 
  • shashlik 
  • baked potatoes 


Dessert menu: 

  • waffles 
  • Italian ice-cream 
  • soft ice cream 
  • freshly squeezed juice 
  • fruit muesli 


Beverages menu: 

  • coffee & tea 
  • iced coffee
  • cold drinks 
  • hot chocolate 



Lidl supermarket

Don't worry about buying enough food before the festival, because a fully-equipped supermarket will be opening its doors early in the morning a few days before the festival kicks off. 



Food at Krishna Village of Peace

Enjoy a fully vegan meal at the Krishna village of Peace! 

The vegan meal will cost 9 PLN and it will consist of: 

  • rice
  • vegetable stew in tomato sauce
  • halawa
  • papadom

Lech Beer Village

Beer village is a festival landmark. Much more than a destination for all beer-lovers, it hosts a small music stage and invites all grown-up festival-goers to take part in a variety of activities and workshops.

There are three beer villages located across the festival field - one by the Second Stage, one by the Main Stage, and one in the vicinity of the catering area. There's a Lech Free Terrace located at the AFA hill. 

Beverages available at Lech beer villages: 

  • Lech (draft) – 3,5 PLN
  • Lech (can) – 4 PLN
  • Lech Ice/Free/Lite (can) – 4 PLN
  • Kozel (draft) – 6 PLN
  • Książęce (draft) – 7 PLN
  • Książęce IPA (draft) – 8 PLN
  • Pilsner Urquell (draft) – 9 PLN


Alcoholic beverages can be sold only to people who are 18 or older. Please enjoy responsibly! 

fot. Marcin Michoń

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