Partners Zones

Festival partners

Pol'and'Rock Festival takes place thanks to the generous collaboration with our partners. Each year they provide festival-goers with different fun activities. Zones of festival partners are always teeming with festival-goers! See you at Pol'and'Rock 2018! 

Lech Beer Zones

Lech is all about good tunes and good vibes, that's why the brand is present at the festival for the fifth time in a row! Festival Beer Village will host different activities: Talent Factory, hair painting sessions, karaoke, or holi colour festival.  We encourage you to bring plastic glasses and empty beer cans to be recycled. In exchange for your rubbish, you will receive healthy apples, eco-hip packs, and eco-cushions. Check out the limited-edition beer can, designed by Jurek Owsiak himself! 

Lech will also host band which received a Lech Wild Card from the jurors at the Emerging Bands Competition. 

Lech promotes enjoying your beer responsibly, that's why we encourage you to check your blood alcohol level before departing the festival. Lech prepared breathalyzer points located next to parking lots. 


Play Zone

Drop by our Play Zone at the Pol’and’ Rock Festival and feel the winter frenzy in the middle of summer!

Together we’ve been having fun at the World’s Most Beautiful Festival for 7 years. This year you’re going to experience a real bonanza: SUMMER and WINTER in one place!  Snow vs sun. Ice vs water: which do you choose? Or do you take it all? In our zone you #PlayYourWay!

Our legendary water slide is waiting for you, along with a whole range of activities and contests. You’ll also have the opportunity to play in our WINTER zone. Riding down the hill on a spoon sledge, building a snowman and snowball fights, all this available only with PLAY.

 You’ll also meet YouTube stars such as RedLipstickMonster, ReZi, Izak and Człowiek Warga, who will join all the fun!

 See how we pulled that off at and remember to #PlayYourWay!



Allegro Zone

Never a dull year with Allegro! Traditionally, one of the focal features of the festival is the massive Ferris wheel. Other activities, which will entertain you between the concerts are all connected with hi-tech! Explore the possibilities of drones, create 3D gifs, bike in VR, check out the Electro monocycle track, take a ride on electric skateboards and scooters, and for those more artistically inclined of you - painting the unique festival WV Golf. 

Make sure to visit Allegro gadget area and chill-out zone, where you will be able to charge your phone before you hit the festival circuit. 

For those of you who want to get to the festival in style, Allegro will launch a bus service from the train station to the festival field. Hop onto the stylish vintage VW bus and have fun. Ticket price? Free, provided you publish a fun photo with #allegropl hashtag. 


Mastercard Zone

Mastercard supports the festival for the seventh time running. Festival-goers will be able to meet the real Iron Man - Jerzy Górski has triumphed in Iron Man competition twice in 1990. The unbreakable triathlonist inspired a Mastercard gym. All of you who want to try their hand at this sport will be able to try taking part in the competition. Jerzy Górski will be conducting warm-ups at 11 am daily. Competition winners will receive a prepaid card (20 PLN) which has been designed by Jurek Owsiak. Three winners stand to receive one of the priceless surprises from Mastercard. Each competitor is also invited to take in the festival from the viewing terrace. 

Everyone is welcome to chill on massive soft puffs and recliners. 

Mastercard Zone will be open daily from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm. 


Monster Energy Zone

Energy kick from Moster!

Moster Energy drink will be available from Coca-Cola stands from July 31st. Come by Moster Energy Zone to check out really energizing activities, like FMX and BMX shows and, provided that you have your skateboard of BMX with you, try your own skills at the ramp

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