Runmaggedon Intro & 15+ obstacles

A race like no other, Runmaggedon is the ultimate test of the strength of body and endurance trial for the spirit. It combines elements of sports rivalry with a unique atmosphere of cooperation between the participants, the race consists of different distance runs peppered with a variety of exciting obstacles. 

For the first time in the history of the race (and the festival!), the Main Stage will become the start of the race. There will be vertical walls to be scaled, a mini commando course, wire obstacle course and some other exciting and demanding hurdles. 



There are different Runmaggedon formulas and the participants can choose the distance and difficulty of the race. At our festival, the runners will be able to choose from two options. 

  • Intro - 3 km race and 15+ obstacles, will take place on August 3rd and 4th. 

It's the best distance for people who are just getting into the Runmaggedon adventure. The cost of starting pack is 50 PLN per participant. 



  • Recruit - 6 km race and 30+ obstacles, will take place on August the 5th. 

Longer distance, more obstacles - and even more fun for the participants of this formula of the race. The cost of starting pack is 199 PLN (online sign-ups) & 250 PLN (on site). 




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