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We are working to make Pol'and'Rock Festival space and experience accessible to everyone.

It's the first year that our disabled festival-goers will enjoy concerts from a viewing platform, located in front of the Main Stage. 

However, the festival is held on a difficult terrain - the conditions might pose problems for people with limited mobility. 

We encourage you to come to the festival prepared for crowds, changing weather conditions, and other unexpected occurrences. Please consider ground conditions before coming to the festival. 

The disabled facilities that are on site of the festival include: 

  • toilets with disabled access - located across the festival field: 

- the right-hand side of the Main Stage 

- Shopping Alley: by SiemaShop and by Krishna Village of Peace 

- AFA hill: by the Himalayan Camp and by AFA medical point

- the right-hand side of the Second Stage 

- field hospital 

- Malinowski field: by medical point 

  • sanitary areas with the disabled access - located by the Family Camp 
  • all medical areas have disabled access
  • all catering areas have disabled access
  • AFA tents have disabled access
  • Sign language interpreter at all AFA meetings

We reached out to festival goers with limited mobility and wheelchair users, who have shared their top tips for enjoying the festival. 

1. It would be great if, especially if you use a wheelchair,  to come to the festival with a companion who can help you out. 

2. If you use a wheelchair, it's a great idea to take a pair of leather or enforced gloves with you, as they will help to protect your hands when getting around the festival site. Bear in mind that the terrain is difficult and can pose a serious challenge to wheelchair users. 

3. Remember to pack tire patches and a pump to deal with any punctures. 

4. If you prefer to stay in a hotel remember to book well in advance. There is only one hotel in Kostrzyn and it is fully booked for festival time. The room with the disabled facility is located on the first floor, without lift access! 


Visit POLREGIO website for information about getting to the festival by train. 


fot. Lucyna Lewandowska

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