Festival Grounds

The main camping area of Pol'and'Rock Festival - the immediate Festival Field is a free campsite. Please remember that this area should be kept free of any vehicles. Before the festival, you will be able to drive into the Festival Field, but you will be asked to park your car somewhere else, away from the campsite. We also ask you to take care of the festival infrastructure, especially the sanitary equipment. 

We also ask you to take care of the festival infrastructure, especially the sanitary equipment. Please bear in mind that the use of open fire, gas canisters and other flammable items on the Festival Field campsite. 

Where to stay at Pol'and'Rock Festival
Festival Field

This main area surrounding stages of the festival is transformed into a free campsite, open and accessible to all. Besides the two massive stages, there is a Shopping Lane and catering areas located in the immediate area. Bear in mind that we are keeping our green festival camping - no cars are allowed there! You are welcome to park in designated spaces outside the Festival Field, such as parking and car-friendly campsites located in the vicinity of the festival.  



Malinowski Campsite

The so-called Malinowski Campsite (pole Malinowskiego) is a free campsite located just behind Krishna Peace Village (between Północna Street and road 132). You can camp and park your cars there as well. This campsite is outfitted with toilets and there are two medical aid points there as well. 


Toi Camp

Toi Camp is a commercial campsite located in the area of the Festival Field. You can book your site online here

Toi Camp provides: 

  • fenced and lit area 
  • security 24/7
  • food court
  • professional staff and support 
  • sanitary facilities and running water (showers, toilets) 
  • easy access for disabled and support for families with children 
  • medical aid point

You can also pay to charge your electronic devices and rent a safety deposit box. 


Motorcycle Village

Organised by the Christian Motorcycle Club BOANERGES this safe heaven for all motorcyclists offers campsite. You can book online here

The campsite provides: 

  • campsite 
  • 24h cafe 
  • parking for your bike 
  • participation in the Motorcycle Parade 
  • rally sticker 
  • soup 
  • Bible - if you need one! 


Hotels and guesthouses

The festival takes place in the area surrounding Kostrzyn nad Odrą, and you can find hotels and guesthouses via or any other booking platform. Please bear in mind that due to the overwhelming interest in accommodation for the duration of the festival, booking a few months ahead can be your only chance to have a room waiting for you! 


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