Eco Festival

Respect Mother Earth!

We ask you to take care of the area around you. Bin your waste before leaving the festival. We are guests of meadows of the beautiful Lubuskie Province and guests of the mother earth - be a courteous guest and leave the area of your campsite clean! We aim to organize an inclusive, eco-friendly festival and we rely on our guests to show that they care for the environment. We ask you to keep the area around your tent clean and to recycle any re-usable items. Please don't leave your tents in the campsites after your festival adventure is over. 

You can also support our efforts by making a contribution

We would also encourage you to not to travel alone, if you are coming to the festival by car - take friends with you and reduce your carbon footprint! Help us help the earth! 


Think green
Eco Festival

We ask you not to leave anything behind and to make sure that the area of your campsite is clean. Remember to bin any and all waste and to recycle reusable items. Please don't leave your tents or camping equipment on the festival grounds. Pol'and'Rock Festival becomes our home for these couple of days - please remember to take care of it! 

We will be handing out thousands of rubbish bags, and you can take your rubbish to specially designated drop areas. 

We are increasing our efforts to encourage you to recycle and use less plastic. 



Lech EcoZone

Lech is committed to protecting the environment. You will receive a healthy apple in exchange for reusable materials (such as aluminium cans) brought to the Lech EcoZone and 10 most active eco-warriors will be awarded an electric scooter! The eco competition will begin on Thursday at 10:00 am and will end on Saturday at 5:00 pm.

Take part in our “who will leave no trace” initiative! Lech will be distributing rubbish bags. Who will volunteer to help clean our little corner of the planet?


Less Waste with Allegro

Allegro will encourage you to take up the #LessWaste lifestyle challenge! You will be able to see what dangers lie ahead if we don't make serious changes to our lifestyle. You will learn what you can do to prevent the catastrophe.  You will be also able to take part in workshops, where you will learn to make eco-friendly cosmetics and cleaning products. While waiting in line for the Ferris Wheel ride, you will be able to refill your water bottle and win eco prizes in the different fun contests. 


Going green and beyond...

"Recycled Orchestra" played exclusively using instruments made from recycled materials and set a new Guinness World Record too! It proved that recycling can be fun. 

"Allegro plays Eco" was an initiative aiming to show how much water we waste every day. The people were able to pump water to power water screen and could exchange empty plastic bottles fro fresh, cold H20! 


We're cutting down on plastic

We are committed to reducing single-use plastic:

  • We have banned single-use plastic carrier bags at our shopping alley and we encourage food vendors to cut down the use of plastic.
  • Lech Beer Village will be providing you with beer cups which are made of 100% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable too. 
  • Reusable cups with PLN 7 deposit will be available at the Lech Beer Village adjacent to the food court in front of the Main Stage.
  • "Smacznie z Grilla" catering zone (located by Milenijna Gate) will be going 100% eco: serving food on paper plates, using paper straws and wooden utensils. 


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