Kids at Pol'and'Rock Festival

Pol'and'Rock Festival is a place for your entire family! Children are more than welcome to at the festival, however, their parents or guardians are should remember that it is a huge, sometimes very crowded event. 


Pol'and'Rock Festival can be a great family event, but as guardians, you MUST consider the safety, comfort, and well-being of the young festival-goers. 

Activities for kids

All children and their parents are welcome at the Kids' Zone at the AFA. More information will be available soon!  

There are different children-friendly activities at the AFA hill, however, the child's guardians or parents are always responsible for the child's well-being. 


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On arrival

Your primary concern should be ensuring that your child can be reunited when you in case it gets lost. In order to make getting in touch easier, we provide parents and guardians with free rubber bracelets you can use to write your phone number.

The wristbands are available at: 

  • CPR for kids tent
  • Lost & found tent
  • "Gucio" gate 
  • "Milenijna" gate


Before you begin your family festival adventure, you should explain to your child whom to ask for help - tell them about members of the Peace Patrol, who are our volunteer festival stewards. Children should know that they can ask them for help and look for them in case they get lost. 

When packing for the festival, take soundproof earphones to protect the child's hearing. Sunhats, weatherproof clothes, and sturdy shoes to protect their feet against the elements are also a must. Make sure to keep your child hydrated and protected from the sun! Never leave your child unattended - in a tent or otherwise! 


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In case of problems

Frist of all, it is your responsibility to teach your child about who the Peace Patrol volunteers are and where to go in case they get lost.

If you lose sight of your child at any point during the festival, you must notify Peace Patrol volunteers immediately. Get in touch with the Lost & found tent at the festival (located on the right-hand side of the Main Stage) as it's a designated meeting place at the festival. For medical emergencies get in touch with the Medical Patrol members or come to festival Mecial Points to seek help. 


fot. Dominika Rutkowska

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