Getting here

Arrive safely

Pol'and'Rock Festival is a car-free area. No vehicles can be parked on the festival field - for safety reasons cars and other vehicles are banned from the massive festival field. It also means that there is more space for camping and other activities. 

Make sure to park your car in designated parking lots. Remember to avoid 'wild' parking lots, often illegally organised in the forests surrounding the area of the festival! 

How to get to Pol'and'Rock Festival
Travel Bank

Travel Bank is a message board application which helps you connect with people who are, just like you, travelling to Pol'and'Rock Festival. You can put up your ad and offer to share your ride and look for travel buddies. It is easy to use and allows you to meet new people and cut the costs (and the stress!) of travelling alone. 




BlaBlaCar is an easy way to find a shared ride. You can offer a ride in your car or look for free seats in a car travelling - it's like digital hitchhiking! Think green and share a ride to Pol'and'Rock Festival! It is also a great opportunity to meet new people - and we are sure you will have a plenty of topics to chat about! 



Last year festival Trains stopped in 140 locations - from major towns to smaller cities. This year too you will be able to catch the festival musicREGIO trains departing from major stations across the country. Our guests from Germany can use NEB train service to reach Kostrzyn nad Odrą from Berlin. 

Our guests from Germany can use NEB train service to reach Kostrzyn nad Odrą from Berlin. The trains between Berlin and the festival town will run with two locomotives. An additional service, running at 2:48 am on Sunday night, will take the passengers directly to Berlin. 



from Wrocław: road A4, E40 & B112 (from Germany)
from Warsaw: road E30 (A2),
from Kraków: E40, A4, E36 & B112 (from Germany)
from Poznań: E30 (A2)
from Gdańsk: route nr 22

Last year, due to security concerns, we have introduced 'green' campsites at the festival, considerably limiting the spaces, where cars could be parked. This year we are keeping the ban on cars entering and parking on the festival field. The roads leading into the festival field will be closed on Monday, July 31st. However, please note that the movement of vehicles will be obstructed in the days before that. 



You can reach Kostrzyn nad Odrą by coach from Myślibórz, Słubice, Szczecin, Gorzów Wielkopolski, and Dębno



Nearest airports are:

Zielona Góra / Babimost
Berlin Schönefeld or Tegel
Szczecin Goleniów
Poznań Ławica


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